Sponsor Our 2023 Event

The steering committee would like to invite you to participate in a power and energy insurance claims industry event called “STEM is for Everyone” (SFE).  This is an opportunity to promote your businesses in a fun and positive environment, while at the same time, helping support diversity and equality in education.

Terms and Conditions

Sponsorship space is limited and is offered on a first come first served basis.  A maximum of 2 sponsors will be accepted in each industry category for platinum sponsorship (categories are outlined in the enrollment form).

Upon receipt of signature, payment, and the sponsor’s logo, the sponsorship benefits commence. As STEM is for Everyone, Inc. is pending approval and acceptance of federal (U.S.) 501(c)3 status, sponsorship in this event is a marketing and promotional opportunity; not a donation. Upon acceptance of this sponsorship application, an invoice will follow shortly, inclusive of payment instructions.   The Sponsor agrees to pay STEM is for Everyone full sponsorship costs within 7 days of receipt of the invoice.

There are no restrictions on the Sponsor to make public or promote the event.  A STEM is for Everyone logo will be provided upon receipt of the sponsorship application and payment and Sponsors are encouraged to proudly announce their support of this initiative.

The decision of the placement of the Sponsor’s logo shall be at the discretion of the STEM is for Everyone marketing/design team.  Benefits will include the recognition outlined above, but may not be limited only to those benefits listed.  The signature of this agreement by both parties establishes an agreement between STEM is for Everyone, Inc. and the Sponsor.

All Sponsors are invited to provide branded tchotchkes or trinkets to be used as giveaways during the event.  Our event planners will reach out in advance to discuss give away options / ideas.


Hold Harmless

Event Cancellation – STEM is for Everyone is not liable for failure to hold the event as scheduled due to any acts beyond our control such as physical damage to the venue, government shutdown, pandemic, acts of war, etc.  If the event is postponed due to circumstances beyond our control, your sponsorship money will be held until a rescheduled date is determined.  If a rescheduled date is not set within 15 months of 23rd February 2023, (or 3 February 2024), then 50% of sponsorship funds will be reimbursed at that time.  If the event is canceled and rescheduling is not an option, SFE will strive to recover all costs with a goal (not a guarantee) of offering a full refund.  If needed, the 50% that is retained will be utilized to cover lost costs incurred by STEM is for Everyone (if applicable).   If the sponsor agrees, a portion of the remaining 50% will be utilized to support the beneficiary by either a monetary or in-kind donation.

STEM is for Everyone is accepting sponsorships as marketing and promotion fees.  Profits from revenue earned from sponsorship will benefit the Inovtech STEM center as well as other STEM education charities.  Charitable donations are also welcome in the form of a direct donation to the Inovtech STEM Center.  Instructions on how to do that will be made available at the time of the event.

It is understood that this agreement supersedes all previous written and verbal agreements and negotiations relating to the event sponsorship details.  Any modification to this agreement is to be made in writing and initialed and signed by authorized representatives from both parties.  This entire contract is subject to the law and jurisdiction of Philadelphia, PA.