Each year, the BOD of SFE will select a recipient of our support.   The selection process will commence in January and the final decision of said beneficiary will be made on or before June 15.  The proposed beneficiary must be a STEM education school, camp, or another type of STEM education program, club, or outreach with the goal of providing STEM education to underprivileged pre-elementary, elementary, and high school children.  The board will review proposals and vote on which school will be chosen as the following year’s beneficiary, pending background checks, interviews, and vetting.

The vetting process includes but may not be limited to the following:

  • Application and completion of fundamental information about the school and it’s directors.
  • Initial interview (virtual or in person) conducted by SFE board member
  • Second Interview with the BOD
  • 3 Reference Checks
  • Google searches of both school and directors
  • ID Checks
  • The BOD will underwrite their ability to accomplish their purpose by including the following questions in the interview:
    • financial status check
    • Tax-exempt or nonprofit status in their relative country
    • Review of qualifications, both individually and as a group
  • An OFAC check for specially designated nationals and / or blocked individuals and entities

As outlined in SFE’s bylaws, the following restrictions apply:

  • There shall be no granting to countries where commerce with the US is prohibited by statute, executive order, or no regulation or sanctioned by OFAC
  • There shall be no granting to board members’ family members’ programs or schools, or to any organizations that may benefit the board members’ or the board members’ organizations financially or in any other way.
  • There shall be no granting to organizations that are considered “problematic” by the US government.
  • Where possible, non-monetary granting will be favored over monetary granting. In the event monetary granting is performed, it will be in the form of a “restricted donations”, which are to be used for a specified purpose.  Restricted monetary donations will be audited by the Board of Directors.
  • Monetary gifts exceeding $1,500 USD must be approved by Board majority vote.

If you would like to propose a STEM Education Center for the Board’s consideration, please complete the following form:

Please use N/A if you do not have it.