Welcome to the MST Jr. school in Uganda, where children are learning the science, technology, and business of farming and agriculture.  MST, an acronym for math, science, and technology is a state-of-the-art vocation school with a focus on farming and agriculture.

Mission & Vision

The mission of MST Jr. School is to stimulate and develop each child’s potential through innovation and modern technology.  They are a beacon of educational excellence, offering a child-centric learning environment, innovative teaching methods, and holistic development programs, geared toward setting the stage for a bright and successful future for both the students and the country of Uganda.

Their Goals for a Bright Future

The school is in its eighth year and offers education from ages 5 -13.  It is their earnest desire to now offer continuity beyond age 13 by opening MST High School, but, of course, a new facility comes at a significant cost.  We are delighted to work with MST Jr school and its founders, Dr. Emma Naluyima and Mr. Washington Mugerwa.